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Want or Need…or Emotional Appeal

Phil Cooke wrote an article called “The Surprisingly Little Known Secret to Reaching More People With Your Message”.  I am quickly becoming a Phil Cooke fan. I like…no love how he uses the Bible in some of his articles to give an example of connection. This appeals to me for a lot of reasons, not only do I want to hear it, I need to. His basic message in the article was that people know what they want. They can’t always distinguish between a want or a need. He discusses a few products, like shoes, for instance where the need may be shoes but the want is “a basketball stars shoes”. They are selling a name. I believe in advertising a need and a want can be the same thing. I may decide I need a new purse, but I may want a Michael Kors purse. There is a difference. In advertising products, I believe we can connect with customers in various ways: Such as the baby in the Michelin Tire ad and the caption “Because so much is riding on your tires”. It appeals to parents emotions and makes them think about the safety of their children in a vehicle. Not just with a brand name or something wanted just because its expensive. I believe we can advertise in a way that appeals to the emotions. Wants aren’t always an expensive thing, sometimes what we want and need is to feel something.

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Why Social Media Matters

After reading the book “Why Social Media Matters” by Phil Cooke, I began to think about how I felt about social media. If I am being honest, I saw it as an invasion of privacy and I really didn’t want to have a part in any of it. The quote in the book by Leonard Sweet- “Sorry I just don’t do Facebook,” fit me to a tee! I began thinking about how I am connecting. The way that people connect to each other is through sharing experiences and communicating with others who share our interest and sometimes even people who don’t. Some of those experiences are what we view, read about and discuss on social media through Facebook, Instagram, and Blogs. Even Youtube can tell a story. Whether it is to promote our business or offer encouragement to others through our personal experience or product, that connection is important. One blog I read pretty often is Oklahoma City Mom’s Blog I have a few friends who are bloggers but the most important thing to me is that I can relate to the stories. Some of the blogs are humorous, some promote their business, some announce activities to attend with your kids, but most of all they connect moms to other moms who could be struggling with the same issues in life. Most of the time, the words mean something to someone. Phil Cooke talks about connecting with your audience in his book and finding what exactly connects you with others. For me,it would be mom’s. The shared stories, quotes,and photos on any social media that make me feel like…. I was meant to hear that. Through social media we can reach people and what may be small to one person, may mean the world to another. Connection is the key.