Mobile Apps for Perfect Images

The article I read by Social Media Examiner on the class Facebook page “4 Mobile Image Apps that Create Amazing Visuals” was an interesting read. The apps featured were Prisma, Ripl, PicMonkey and AdobeSpark. Now, I have had some experience using Adobe Spark Video so I chose to go with Adobe Spark Post to try it out. I will experiment more with the others later but wanted to give my opinion on Adobe. I love their product. It is easy to use, I can start it while I am out on my mobile app and I can continue to work at home just by signing in to my adobe account. Here are the top 6 things that make Adobe Spark appealing to me.

  1. Images are very easy to integrate into the app

  2. I can pick from various layouts and rearrange pictures and text the way I want it

  3. I can add visually appealing banners, boxes, shapes to any of my work

  4. I can choose from any of the color palettes or make my own

  5. Adding text is very easy and I get to pick from a variety of fonts and place the text where I want it on the image

  6. You can choose what platform you are using your image for….facebook, instagram, blog, twitter…..and it RESIZES it for you! (this is my favorite feature I think)

Recently my kids went to Florida and I didn’t get to go with them. I decided to try and put together some pictures for them from their trip. I will only post one because I don’t know that they would appreciate me sharing all of them. I thought the background was beautiful though and I like the way the post turned out.

Adobe Spark

You should try it out! Let me know what mobile image apps you currently use and love and why…would love to hear about them. And here is a link to a tutorial on using Adobe Spark from youtube. 

Text vs. Video in Social Media

Text_vs_VideoSo I read this article on how video is largely underutilized on Facebook and other social media. If you are interested in the article it can be found here My Facebook feed is usually filled with videos people have shared so I was a bit shocked to read that. In the article they did a study on what kind of posts get the most interaction. And GUESS WHAT… was video. Posts with text only had a lot less response than a post with video. When people not only share video but upload their own videos, there is more interaction between users on the platform. It makes sense though. I am more engaged and likely to watch someone’s vacation video than I am to just read a post about their vacation with nothing but text to keep my attention. If I am looking for a way to do something… a #howto.. I am most likely to look for a video, not a text format information guide. I have never thought about how important video content is, even to me when I am learning. So definitely will be utilizing video more in the future. Here is a tutorial video to help you start today creating your own video using animoto.

Just to add a little something more to think about… Facebook Live is a big thing right now. When it is used for business events, documenting a vacation or something good, I think it is so valuable. What a great tool Facebook has created. What happens though when the content is not good. The downside to Facebook live is that it is truly LIVE stream and people have used it to document the things we don’t want to see in the world. It seems more criminals are claiming their 15 minutes of fame using Facebook live while committing terrible acts. That is one kind of video I do not want to see. This is just my opinion on live streaming and although it will continue, I hope they choose to revise it a little, so that before content is actually posted, it can be approved. Just my thoughts…..What are yours?