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Customer Service…Period

The book by Micah Solomon, “Your Customer is the Star,” makes some really great points as far as millennials are the generation we need to cater to as a business. I have a little bit of an opinion about this because I have seen how times changing has affected a few different generations. I am quickly learning because I have millennial children and they help me figure things out. One thing that bothers me though is millennials may be the customers now and in the future, but we still have customers that are not of  that generation. Can we not cater to the needs of both? If the goal is customer satisfaction that goal should not be aimed at a certain age. It should be ALL customers. People do want things delivered quickly and they want the process to be simple and the waiting time to be almost non existent. It almost embarrasses me that I am a little bit like this. I do think there is a solution though.. I think you have to add technology and progress as the world progresses. However, I think you have to also consider those who are not changing with the time and who are struggling to find their way through the Walmart checkout lane. When I say that.. I mean sometimes I go to the store later in the evening and the self checkout is the only lane open. For some baby boomers this is so frustrating to navigate. So they need someone.. A Person.. to check them out or someone willing to show them. This is just one place. Imagine the frustration of paying bills or working a smart tv for those who have done this the same way for years and years. Either way… I think businesses should cater to both, take care of both and if they know how to do things..great! If they don’t… show them the way.. That is truly making All your customers the Star!



My name is Kacey White. I am a student at Rose State College. I am majoring in Business Administration with an emphasis on Marketing and Social Media. I have three amazing children and I am looking forward to graduating December 2017. I am using this blog to display what I am currently working on and write about my favorite Social Media blogs.

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